• Regina Devaughn

Yung Miami has the Internet live over the first episode of 'Caresha Please'

Yung Miami, one part of the rap group 'City Girls,' has gotten the green light to showcase her hilarious personality on a bigger scope. She officially has her own show on the Revolt TV network called 'Caresha Please.'

On her first episode, she interviewed the iconic Diddy.

Prior to this interview, many had been speculating whether the two were dating.

During the show, Diddy cleared up the rumors and said that the two had been dating and exploring the world together. He maintained that he is still single and apparently just enjoying life.

The show has been met with an overall positive response. Her other half in the rap duo, JT, tweeted, "That was sooooooooooo good I’m so proud of you!!!!!!" - @ThegirlJT

One user said, "Caresha & Diddy’s energy together is so fun to watch. You can tell they always laugh together. #Caresha Please" - @caneechia

In the show, Caresha jokes about being able to sing and being a City Girl all summer. Diddy speaks on what it was like losing his wife and switching to full time father mode, his new label, recent acquisition of DeLeon tequila, and much more.

The interview is hilarious and thorough. You can check it out below!

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