• Regina Devaughn

Video: North West holds up"Stop" note to photographers at Paris Fashion Week

While everyone else is enjoying the eye catching looks at Paris Fashion Week, North West has taken to hilariously trolling the photographers.

Kim Kardashian and North West have been photographed out in Paris for the iconic fashion event of Paris Fashion Week and have been nothing less than fashionable.

North has been taking it all in and apparently wants everyone to do the same. Kim Kardashian tweeted, "For anyone who knows North knows how funny she finds this video! North I guess had it with the people taking pictures of her so she wrote on her invite STOP and held it up and wanted them to just focus on the show.."

Kim Kardashian has been serving looks with North West these past couple of days. She is pictured below wearing a bright green camouflage top and solid color leggings. North chose to sport a colorful blue jacket with black pants and chunky boots.

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