• Regina Devaughn

This Lil Baby fit >>

Lil Baby has his fashion style locked in.

The "Drip Too Hard" rapper never disappoints when it comes to outfit choice and the fit he posted to his Instagram is nothing less.

For last week's post, Lil Baby decided to put together a yellow beanie, white tee, and blue ripped pants. He accessorized the fit with two thick chains and iced out wrist jewelry.

You can tell he's currently locked in on his goals because for his caption he wrote, "I'm In The Industry To Get All The Money , Ya'll Can Have The Beef."

Lil Baby rose to prominence back in 2017 as has been a force ever since. He saw a great amount of traction after releasing his mixtape Perfect Timing. Following that he would release "Yes Indeed," the Drake collaboration song that would become a Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 single.

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