• Regina Devaughn

New Artist Spotlight: Coi Leray

"We twinnem. Go Best Friend."

You know you've heard it. Cause who else is as viral as Coi?

Coi Leray is KNOWN as a viral star. If you look for it, you can see how she put so many other hip-hop artists on when it comes to digging in and finding your place in the social media realm. They don't call her trendsetter for nothing.

This New Jersey native managed to catch traction back in 2018 with her hit song 'Huddy' and continues to put out hits like 'No More Parties,' 'Big Purr,' and her latest smash 'Twinnem.'

Coi Leray has a confidence that is infectious. With music that has simple production and clean simple and honest lyrics, Coi Leray has captured the hearts of many. After twerking on the XXL Freshman Cypher she got caught up in a lot of talk from those who don't catch her vibe. Regardless, she's managed to bounce back and continue making her music without switching up on her party vibes.

Watch her on XXL's Freshman Cypher video below.

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