• Regina Devaughn

Lakeyah posts fire pic in Balenciaga

Lakeyah is just one of those artists that gets it when it comes to fashion.

Recently she posted a pic in an all black Balenciaga fit. However, rather than accentuating with more black, the Quality Control artist instead chose a pair of neon green knee length boots.

This simple switch turned the fit up quite a few notches as it helped to bring out the reflective Balenciaga symbol that is featured on her waist and improve the contrast between the black outfit and her platinum blonde inches.

The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native is paving her own way in the industry with her hard hitting bars that still maintain hip-hop's ode to R&B.

Her video for 2019 hit "Female Goat" would go on to be remixed in 2020 with the addition of the dynamic duo group City Girls and is currently sitting on 16 million views on Youtube.

More recently, "Mind Yo Business featuring Latto" has seen great success and is the primary single off of her newest EP No Pressure (Pt.2). It already has amassed an astounding 9 million views on Youtube and was a sensation across TikTok.

You can watch her most recent song "Real B*tch" featuring Gloss Up below via her official Youtube Channel.

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