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Hiphop/R&Bs celebrities went all in on costumes this year

As many of us are still grabbing our last minute Halloween outfits and gearing up for the day, our favorite Hip-hop and R&B celebrities are going all out.

Diddy as The Joker from The Dark Knight

This year, Diddy definitely went all out. This year he dressed as the psycopathic anarchist from the 2008 Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight.

In one photo he is completely in character and is unrecognizable.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Diddy can be seen channeling the character's iconic laugh and dropping a grenade in pure Joker fashion.

In another video, Tyler the Creator calls Diddy's costume, "Top Tier." Agreed, Tyler. Agreed.

Nicki Minaj as Cinderella

If anyone is going to do it, it's going to be Nicki. This year for costume choice Nicki Minaj choice the ever iconic Cinderella.

Cinderella is a classic animated movie that was in 1950. It has been redone twice: once in 1997 after starring rising singer Brandy and being co-produced by Whitney Houston and the second in 2015 whose film starred Lily James.

The film featured a peasant young lady whose evil stepmother became jealous when the prince chose Cinderella to attend the annual ball rather than her stepsisters. After finding her way there, her fairy godmother grants her with the most beautiful dress at the ball.

Nicki Minaj went fully in on channeling the elegance of the dress from the ball. It features many accentuating layers and absolutely accentuates how stunning she is.

Lizzo as Marge from The Simpsons

Lizzo is flexing on us with this Halloween costume. This year the Detroit made singer and rapper decided to be Marge Simpsons from the 1989 hit sitcom The Simpsons.

The Fox sitcom was created by Matt Groening and has become one of America's beloved cartoon families.

The iconic hair height, red necklace and green dress all come together to complete Lizzo's amazing look.

Cardi B also poses as Marge Simpson

Cardi also decided to channel Marge Simpson this holiday but with a fashion-esqe twist. In a serious of Instagram posts, Cardi posts what seems to be an alter ego Marge that is Mugler inspired.

The dress and again the iconic hair height absolutely give Marge vibes and she killed this take on the animated character.

Chloë as Lola Bunny from Space Jam

Back in 1996, Warner Bros. Pictures would produce a movie that would go on to be a staple in the culture history. Space Jam, which stars basketball icon Michale Jordan alongside the iconic Looney Tunes characters, featured a duality of live action and animation that maintains influence into today.

For this year, Chloë channeled the character of Lola Bunny and is definitely killing the vibe and the look. Lola is a tough and talented basketball player who iconic line to Bugs Bunny is, "Don't ever call me doll."

Latto as the Corpse Bride

The costume, the graphics, the effortless flex. Latto definitely delivered with this costume.

Choosing this year to be a character from the 2005 animated musical Corpse Bride, Latto looks absolutely glamorous. The film was released in 2005 and is based on characters created by the iconic Tim Burton and and Carlos Grangel.

Halle Bailey as Neytiri from Avatar

"Always wanted to be an avatar," Halle posted to her Instagram on Sunday.

In a most captivating look, Halle completely nailed her Avatar look. The makeup is done perfectly and the dress she chose perfectly completes the look.

Back in 2009, Avatar captured the world with its science fiction storyline and lush depiction of an alien world.

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean as Bleeker and Juno from Juno

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean announced their expectancy back in July of this year.

This costume choice plays on the fact that Jhene is carrying their sooon to be child and is a fun spin on the Academy Award winning movie Juno.

The 2007 film Juno is a movie about a teen who unexpectedly becomes pregnant and has to deal with many of the difficulties that comes with having a child in high school.

Their outfits perfecty encompass the characters and they are killing this Halloween look.

Ciara and daughter pose as Serena and Venus Williams in "Got Milk?" Campaign

The "Got Milk" campaigns used to be huge back in the 90s. The advertising campaign, created by the advertising agency Goodby Silverstein &Partners, was used to help push the consumption of milk and dairy products.

The campaign would often tap numerous iconic celebrities to pose with a milk mustache encouraging people to drink milk.

Ciara and her daughter channeled their inner tennis superstars as the did the iconic campaign from Serena and Venus Williams.

Lil Nas X as Ice Spice

Ice Spice has been tearing up the social media world with her iconic line, "You thought I was feeling you? That n***a a munch."

The inspiration of many TikTok dances, she has also inspired Lil Nas X who channeled his inner Ice Spice for Halloween.

With green neon tube top and a pair of jean shorts, he looks spot on a photo of Ice Spice from the video for "Munch."

Khalid as Woody from Toy Story

"There's a snake in my boot," says the caption from Khalid's recent post to Instagram.

For this year's costume, Khalid dressed up as Andy's beloved toy from the 1995 box office hit Toy Story. Hopefully Stinky Pete lets him out of that box soon.

Kash Doll as Incredible-Girl from The Incredibles

Kash Doll looks amazing after giving birth to son Kashton back in January.

The two can be seen in an Instagram post all smiles as they pose as members of the 2004 Disney hit, The Incredibles.

Chloë as Storm from X-Men

Chloë can clearly pull off multiple looks. Another choice costume for this Halloween for the R&B singer is the character of Storm from X-Men.

Storm is one of the main characters in the superhero films and was iconically portrayed by actress Halle Berry.

Nicki Minaj poses as cover of "Honey, I Blew Up The Kid"

Of course Nicki Minaj had to add her own personal spin on the 1992 science fiction comedy. For her costume, Nicki Minaj and Family took to pose as stars of the movie Honey, I Blew Up The Kid. Instead, however, they renamed it to "Honey, I Blew Up Papa Bear." Scrolling through the posts gives full family vibes as we see some adorable pictures of Nicki Minaj, husband Kenneth Petty, and her son, referred to as Papa Bear.

Coi Leray channels "Alien Superstar"

When Beyonce dropped her newest studio album Renaissance dropped, a lot of people were affected.

One song in particular, "ALIEN SUPERSTAR," has stood out in the minds of many with its message about accepting the fact that we are all unique.

Across social media channels, many touted the popular song section where Beyonce croons, "I'm too classy for this world, forever, I'm that girl."

Anyone who is inspired by the song could technically do a costume for it but Coi Leray's interpretation of the uplifting anthem definitely is fitting.

She looks amazing in choice of outfit, makeup, and the alien ears to accentuate the look she wore to Megan Thee Stallion's "Hottieween" party hosted at MG Studios in Los Angeles on Sunday, Oct. 30.

Lizzo as Miss Piggy from The Muppets

The beloved group of puppets from the 1955 family series has still had affect to this day.

In a caption from her Instagram, Lizzo says her second costume is, "A tribute to my forever icon, Miss Piggy."

Miss Piggy is the diva superstar of the Sesame Street bunch and is flawlessly depicted in Lizzo's portrayal. Even adding a blonde wig, piggy ears and nose, Lizzo delivers a most alluring look.

Khalid as Dr. Dolittle

This costume is a fun one. For Khalid's second costume, he went with the graphics and look from comedian Eddie Murphy's 1998 movie hit, Dr. Dolittle.

The movie, which would get three sequels and a couple more spin off movies, featured Eddie Murphy as a doctor who would soon discover he had gained the ability to talk to animals.

Khalid definitely channeled his inner Murphy and killed this Halloween look.

Kash Doll as Daphne from Scooby-Doo

Scooby-Doo is the animated series that launched back in 1969. Today, Scooby and the gang still inspire many a costume on this holiday.

Kash Doll decided to channel one of the main characters, Daphne, who is known as the sophisticated daughter of a wealthy family with a fashion sense and an uncertain relationship with main character friend Fred Jones.

In a latex two piece paired with pink over the knee boots Kash Doll effortlessly captures this look.

Justine Skye channels Rastafarian vibes

Yesterday, Justine Skye tweeted out, "Probably my best look I ever did for Halloween."

It's a costume, but can we just acknowledge that the R&B singer still looks so stunning!

Kelly Rowland as Catwoman from Batman

This year, Kelly Rowland channeled Halloween favorite, Catwoman, as her costume choice.

Selina Kyle, whose character is mostly known as Catwoman, is a burglar who plagues Gotham City with her numerous high end heists.

Kelly Rowland was able to effortlessly pull off this look with a latex bodysuit and the Catwoman mask. The added touch of the shimmering lipstick only adds to this alluring look.

She even brought her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, in for some of the costume fun in a TikTok video she posted to Instagram.

Alicia Keys as Beerus from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Not everyone can nail being a god of destruction for Halloween but Alicia Keys definitely did.

For this year's costume, Alicia Keys dressed up as Beerus from the Dragon Ball universe. Making his first appearance in 2013, Beerus' character serves as the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Alicia Keys was completely able to pull this look off without even adopting the purple tone. She added Purple ears to a flawless outfit choice and is definitely giving anime vibes.

Tierra Whack as Benita Butrell from In Living Color

Tierra Whack reached into the classics for this one. Benita Butrell is the hilarious gossiping neighbor portrayed by Kim Wayans in the culture favorite In Living Color.

Complete with a fur scarf and little added junk in the trunk, Tierra Whack completely nailed this year's costume.

Jacob Latimore as Nino Brown from New Jack City

The 1991 film New Jack City served as an inspiration for Jacob Latimore's Halloween costume this year.

The film was centered around a crime lord who rises to power as the police try to stop him. Nino Brown, played by Wesley Snipes, is one of the main characters for the action based film. In a video posted to is Instagram, Latimore is seen in full character. He even poses just like Wesley as Nino in the film. He absolutely bodied this costume.

Kiana Lede as Tina from Bob's Burgers

R&B singer Kiana Lede chose the Belcher's oldest child as her inspiration for a costume this holiday.

The monotone hopeless romantic has been the source of many memes and Kiana Lede definitely nailed the look. She even captioned the photo, "Jimmy Jr. can get it." Hilarious.

Doja Cat as ... ?

Nobody is sure what Doja Cat is... not even Doja Cat.

In a costume posted to Instagram, Doja captioned the photo, "Idk what I am I just thought it was hot."

It is Doja Cat so this sounds about right.

Shenseea as Wilma from The Flinstones

The Flinstones, created back in 1960, is clearly still relevant today. The cartoon inspired Jamaican dancehall rapper Shenseea to portray Wilma Flinstone this year.

In a post made on Instagram, Shenseea is seen posing with her son who is dressed up as Fred Flinstone. Her dress is accurate and the bun updo is a very nice touch.

Ari Lennox as Tanya from Mortal Kombat

The popular fighting game Mortal Kombat has been inspiration to many a Halloween costume.

This year, Ari Lennox chose Tanya, the Edenian antagonist who made her debut in Mortal Kombat 4.

In a video posted to Instagram, Ari Lennox can be seen showing off the body suit, gloves , and mask that she paired to bring the look together.

KenTheMan as a Tiger

KenTheMan decided to go with a classic this Halloween and chose to dress up as a sexy tiger. Tiger ears, fishnets, and over the knee boots definitely bring this costume to life.

The first photo you see from KenTheMan on Instagram was taken in front of a fireplace... which makes sense because this photo is quite spicy.

KiddKenn as a Nurse

Definitely a go-to, KiddKenn killed this outfit. The costume and the hair color are definitely pulling this look. KiddKenn even paired the fit with over the knee stockings to give it that extra tantalizing feel. Very well done.

All these celebrity looks were FIRE! Let us know if we missed anyone on Twitter!

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