• Regina Devaughn

HIP-HOP Artist Spotlight: Travis Scott

“Twelve figure estate plan, that was the escape plan. But hate investigatin, that sh*t was a waste man. But wait, I stopped the facin cause sh*t just start erasin. But wait, it opened gates and this sh*t just start paradin, ole.”

Few artists have been able to captivate an audience the same way that Travis Scott has. From earlier hits like Pick Up The Phone and Goosebumps, to newer hits like Highest in the Room and Butterfly Effect, Travis Scott has managed to cement his place in rager history. Notable collaborations for this top tier artist include: Nike, McDonalds, Saint Laurent, Reeses Puffs, and Fortnite.

His Astroworld festival, taking place this weekend in Houston, has drawn tens of thousands of fans. This comes as a far cry from his first concert performance which had less than 50 people in attendance. These days, fans get the full Travis Scott experience when they attend an Astroworld festival. Aside from the dope a$$ music you know Travis is going to provide, you get Houston nostalgia from rides and games as well. It’s more than a concert, it’s an experience.

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