• Regina Devaughn

Have you heard: "Feels Like Home" byBrian McKnight Jr.

“Just look at what you started. I'm out here with my heart in my hands. Like a 90s R&B video, Dancing in the rain, tryna be your man"

This song is definitely R&B. Son of the iconic, Brian McKnight Jr. is paving his own path in the R&B genre. Brian McKnight Jr.’s newest song, gives no blurred lines about which genre it should be classified as. The song opens with sincere adlibs and enters directly into lyrics which are a serenade for someone McKnight Jr. would, “gladly follow” and “feels like home” with.

The track itself features an intermittent shaker, snaps and guitar. It is a very mellow and easy moving song that features McKnight Jr's crisp and alluring vocals dancing across in melodic fashion.

This recent release follows the release of his EP While We're Still Alive which dropped July 8, 2022.

You can listen below!

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