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Flo Milli guest stars on Gaming While Black show

Flo Milli has always been one to dress to impress. The Alabama native made an appearance on a new gaming focused show called "Gaming While Black."

The “In The Party” rapper chose a brown top that featured purple lace trim with brown cargo shorts. She complemented her outfit with matching sheer leggings, a white crossbody and white Nike Air Force 1s.

On the show, Flo Milli discussed an array of topics. When asked about her musical inspirations she mentioned Missy Elliot and Erykah Badu. She then went on to mention Katy Perry, Fergie, and Rihanna saying she was "kinda just watching every woman."

Her most recent album You Still Here, Ho is the representation of the rappers evolution. The album shows the rappers elevated lyricism and reinforces her confident demeanor.

You can watch her interview with the Gaming While Black.

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