• Regina Devaughn

Drake x Nike Maxim Awards Show

Drake popped out this week and his outfit was nothing less than impressive. The event? He served as host for the 2022 Nike Maxim Awards at Nike Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

For his hosting style, Drake decided to use his staple fashion for inspiration. He paired a black bomber jacket with black pants and red Jordans.

The jacket was absolutely the star piece of his fit. It featured a bright LED lighting that flashes and changes colors.

Drake hosting the Nike Maxim Awards makes plenty of sense. He has had a long standing relationship with Nike. In 2020 it was announced that the artist had even collaborated with the iconic sports fashion label to create a sub-label basketball collection called NOCTA.

The Honestly, Never Mind rapper mentioned during the monologue that it was, "a dream come true to work to be part of the greatest company of all time. Seriously. I know I'm a musician but nike has really given me an opportunity and a platform to do something great."

The show was created by Nike to highlight the various achievements of executives and employees within the community.

During his monologue, Drake offered plenty of comedic humor to create a mood at the show.

He even poked fun at the part time employees. After listing plenty of acronyms that he found funny, he offered up "I think also right here is BBL, which is bubble blowing lessons. It's free to full time employees, you part timers don't even f*cking think about it."

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