• Regina Devaughn

Coi Leray becomes one of three artists to lead Sprite's new 'global music experiment'

Sprite has a new music initiative, Sprite Limelight, and announced that Coi Leray was going to lead it.

In an Instagram post, we see James Blake, a Grammy award winning producer introduced and three artists immediately after with the caption 'Three Trailblazing Artists' underneath.

In the video is singer songwriter Coi Leray, Nigerian afrobeats artist Omah Lay, and mandopop Chinese artist Hua Chenyu.

Each of these artists collaborated with James Blake to bring their individual sound to life.

A Youtube video that was released dives deeper and it becomes talks about how the "experiment" is set to become a platform that "focuses on music being released."

"The idea behind this is collaboration," says James Blake.

Hua Chenyu went on to say, "We will talk about how to stay cool with oneself, no matter what happens... Music is about letting go and being brave enough to find your own voice."

According to Omah Lay, "This is about honesty in music."

Sounds exciting.

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