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11 Beyoncé outfits that give "Alien Superstar" energy

"I'm one of one. I'm number one. I'm the only one. Don't even waste your time"
"Alien Superstar" - Beyonce

Music must have been getting boring because Beyoncé’s new album feels like a reinvention. From the single that dropped July 20th, the world got a quick preview to the different direction for the album. However, the completed project is much more vast.

A full listen of the album feels like an opportunity to party with Beyoncé. The album is dripping with personality and confidence giving a sound that is completely different from anything that we've ever heard from the iconic artist.

In honor of the release of Beyoncé's new album RENAISSANCE lets look at some of the artist's most "Alien Superstar" looks that reinforce her one of oneness.

1. Beyoncé wearing Alexander McQueen for the Los Angeles premiere of "Lion King" at the Dolby Theatre (2019)

2. Beyoncé performing in Los Angeles, CA onstage for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in a stunning gold gown and head dress (2017)

3. Beyoncé poses for British Vogue in multicolor bodysuit and jacket (2022)

4. Beyoncé wears a sheer black dress for TIDAL X: 1015 at Barclays Center in New York City (2016)

5. Beyoncé posing in a pink and multicolor fit for Instagram with orange purse and sunglasses to accessorize (2021)

6. A neon yellow top and bottom paired with fur jacket is the outfit choice for Beyoncé in this Instagram worthy post (2017)

7. Behind a sheer fabric, Beyoncé is wearing a stunning gown (2022)

8. Beyoncé wears an all metallic outfit to her performance for the "On The Run Tour" with Jay-Z in Glasgow, Scotland (2018)

9. Beyoncé takes the stage in an all black dress paired with arm sleeves to accept the award for 'Best Rap Performance' alongside Megan Thee Stallion for the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, CA (2021)

10. Beyoncé is pictured wearing a Houston Rockets jersey with longline yellow jacket to Day 2 of the Made in America festival in Philadelphia, Pennysylvania (2017)

11. Beyoncé posts photo in a glittering green gown to Instagram (2019)

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