• Regina Devaughn

Asian Doll drops new song Motherless Child

"they tryna make me look like i am the problem, im really the problem these b***hes aint solving."

Asian Doll is the self proclaimed "Queen Of Drill" and has dropped her newest song "Motherless Child." The song features a consistent flex of Asian Doll's lyricism and clean rhyming.

The "Nunnadat Sh*t" rapper offers bar after bar of Instagram worthy captions including, "You could hop on a song with drake and you still gone be basic." She later rapped, "Damn. B***hes be mad at me cause I'm breathing."

After tweeting 54 seconds of here visual on Twitter, many fans showed their support for the artist's newest song and the hype matches the heat.

"They tryna make it look like I am the problem. I'm really the problem these bihs ain't solving tuh #Motherlesschild #Queenofdrill," said Twitter user @Tanae90791144.

Twitter user @taruekc tweeted, "Asian so consistent I love it, especially with her drill sound yall really not fuckin with her she know it & we know it."

You can watch the full video below from Asian Doll's official Youtube.

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